Cyber security and identity theft are not only limited to big business. Many small to medium size businesses have a very real threat of cyber exposures and it’s important to understand the scope of loss should a cyber incident – like cyber extortion – occur.

With employees working from “the cloud” and as mobile technology is mainstream, the added benefits of flexibility creates new exposures for many businesses.


Click Happy

An employee clicking on a malicious link could cause them to download ransomware that encrypts your system.

Texting Clients

If you text clients without their consent you could be in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The TCPA restricts telemarketing, the use of automated telephone equipment, pre-recorded voice messages, SMS texts and fax machines.

Social Media Reviews

When a client puts out inappropriate reviews on your social media outlets how do you respond?


Real Claim Examples

  • Malicious hacking of a system shutting down computer systems for an extended period of time resulting in loss of income and extra expenses

  • A disgruntled employee spreads a virus into a computer system destroying data (and backup sources) resulting in expenses to investigate and recreate data

  • Teenage hacker sabotages data network with Crypto-Locker type malware, and demands an extortion fee of $50,000 to unlock your own data

  • Extortion demands of $25,000 to prevent your sensitive customer data from being released on the internet, to identity thieves and the general public

  • Lost laptop containing sensitive personal information of customers results in a data breach requiring investigation, notification and credit monitoring expenses

  • Customer data is breached, class action lawsuit filed. Duty to defend policy responds


Universal Insurance now offers solutions for cyber risks through our

strategic partner, BIZLock Insurance Services.


BIZLock Program


BIZLock is the nation’s leading data theft risk management and insurance program that helps protect and insure against cyber risks. BIZLock provides comprehensive and affordable protection that truly helps you prevent, prepare for and respond to cyber threats. They are timely and unparalleled. 


BIZLock cybercrime protection delivers three essential components that help you prevent, protect and respond to cyber incidents. Resources and insurance is provided for the following:

  • HR, Information Security and Information Technology Modules for optimizing proactive protection

  • Third Party Liability Insurance Coverage and Defense

  • Regulatory Fines & Penalties

  • PCI Fines and Penalties

  • Cyber Extortion (e.g. Ransomware)

  • Business Identity Insurance & Monitoring (PRO Version)

  • Automatic employee identity protection

  • eNetwork Business Interruption

  • Data Reconstruction

  • Media / Website Liability

  • Breach response mitigation expenses for forensic investigations, legal, breach notifications, identity monitoring and more.


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Over the years, I’ve developed a great relationship with the ladies at Universal Insurance Programs (UIP) and their dedication to our industry is evident in all aspects of how they run their business. Besides making the insurance process easy, we have very similar philosophies and I know they always have my back. Their ability to streamline the process, gives me more time to dedicate what I do best – running my business. For those that know me, I am all about efficiencies and UIP has figured that out when it comes to protecting my business.


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