A commercial umbrella policy is designed to provide coverage when you have expenses that are not covered by your current liability insurance policy. This type of insurance basically ‘picks up’ where your business liability coverage stops and provides you with extra coverage for property damage and bodily injury.

For most situations, your standard business liability policy will provide coverage for more serious accidents and situations, however many businesses will want to ensure additional protection by taking out a commercial umbrella insurance policy.



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For example, Commercial Umbrella Insurance offers extra liability coverage for the most expensive lawsuits. If a covered lawsuit maxes out your General or Auto Liability Insurance policy but you still owe money for damages, Commercial Umbrella coverage can provide additional funds to make up the difference.


Specifically, Umbrella Liability Insurance can supplement the coverage offered by:

  • General Liability Insurance.

  • Employer's Liability Insurance

  • Commercial Auto Liability Insurance


Reasons to Consider purchasing a Commercial Umbrella Policy

  • Your business assets and/or owners personal assets have a high net worth. Umbrella Coverage will meet the need for higher liability protection.

  • Your business clientele requires more liability insurance in order to work together.

  • Your business has a high amount of contact with the public. This increased exposure creates higher liability risk to the business.

  • Your business needs additional liability coverage that is excluded from your current policy. Some Umbrella Insurance covers claims that other small business liability policies exclude.


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