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Salon & Spa Safety Checklist
20 Aug, 2018. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: jakemoreno

It’s an industry fact: the majority of insurance claims are preventable. Often, the difference between a safe, smooth-running business, and one filled with headaches and potential financial catastrophe, is taking a few minutes at the beginning and end of every business day to review a brief safety checklist – then, taking preventative measures where needed.

However, the hectic pace of day-to-day operations and the desire to get home after a long day may encourage even the best of us to slack-off and neglect responsibilities.

To streamline the process and keep your head in the game, Universal Insurance has prepared an easy-to-use safety checklist. We outline the basics in this article, and then give you an opportunity to receive a free copy of the list.

We recommend that you post the checklist at the salon’s front counter – and also post reminder forms near all exits. It’s also a good idea that staff who are responsible for opening and closing have the checklist on their phones.

Closing & Opening Safety Checklist (Example Only)

  1. Spray-Tan Machines
  •  Is the system’s water supply turned off at closing?
  • Is the floor area around the system clean and dry?
  • Are all hoses connected properly and free from kinks, blisters or bubbles?
  • Is the overflow and drainage area beneath the unit empty?
  • Is the waste water pump working properly?
  1. Washers & Dryers
  • Are washers off and empty of water at closing?
  • Are water supply valves off and connections secure?
  • Are water hoses secure and free of kinks, blisters or bubbles?
  • Is the floor clean and dry?
  • Are dryers off and lint traps clean at closing?
  • Are exhaust hoses connected properly and free of dust and lint?
  • Never run washers & dryers when the salon is closed or unattended.
  1. Alarms, Security Systems, Doors, Windows & Signage
  • Have alarms been properly activated at closing time?
  • Are security cameras operational?
  • Are recording/monitoring devices operational?
  • Are smoke alarms operating properly and batteries checked?
  •  Are doors securely locked at closing?
  •  Are windows closed and locked at closing?
  •  Are business signs (open/closed) properly set?
  • Are fire extinguishers easy to locate, recently inspected and operational?
  1. Toilets & Sinks
  • Are toilets and sinks shut off at closing?
  • Are toilets and sinks clean and empty of any waste?
  •  Can you hear water running in any area of the facility?
  • Are all shut-off valves operational?
  1. Coffee Makers & Appliances
  • Are coffee makers off at closing – including warmers and burners?
  • Are coffee makers clean and empty?
  • Are appliances such as microwave ovens clean, empty and shut off at closing?
  • Are refrigerators operating properly and doors closed securely at all times?
  •  Is the floor near coffee makers and appliances dry and clean?
  1. Air-Conditioners, Heating Systems, Hot Water Heaters & Thermostats
  • Have thermostats for AC/heating systems been set to the proper temperature at closing?
  • Is the hot water heater operating properly and the area around it dry and clean?
  • Are vents and filters clean and free of dust, etc.?
  1. Equipment & Room Check
  • Are all tanning and spa systems off at closing?
  • Are all rooms empty and no customers inside the salon?
  • Are all trash cans empty?

Each salon is unique, and you may need to add more items to your open/close checklists. It is also a good idea to have emergency contacts in place and responsibilities assigned in the event of an emergency – day or night.