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Customer’s Goods Legal Liability

Owning a self-storage facility makes your relationship with customers similar to that of a landlord. The facility normally would not be responsible for the tenant’s goods, but if the tenant’s goods are damaged it may create a liability issue. For example, if a customer’s property is damaged by the weather because the facility did not properly maintain the roof, the tenant may feel the facility was negligent. Customer’s Goods Legal Liability would come into play if the facility was found liable for the damage to tenant’s property. This coverage could also provide legal defense, even if a claim is found to be groundless, false, or fraudulent.

Sale and Disposal Liability

Every self-storage owner will be faced with the unenviable task of evicting a tenant. Sale and Disposal Liability provides protection against the act of wrongfully removing, selling or disposing of a customer’s property. There is also coverage for defense against allegations.

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Available Coverages

Builder’s Risk
Builder’s Risk is typically a separate policy that covers the structure(s) while they are under construction or being renovated.
Business Property
Business Property coverage is for the replacement value of all buildings, structures and other personal property damaged as a result of a covered loss.
Business Income
Also known as Business Interruption, this insurance protects the owner of a business from loss of income as a result of damage to property by a covered cause of loss.
General Liability
General Liability insurance protects business owners in the event of claims alleging damages as a result of their operations or premises.
Resident Manager Liability
This is personal liability coverage for a resident manager.
Customer’s Goods Legal Liability
This coverage provides protection for the insured when a facility is held liable for damage to a customer’s stored property.
Sale & Disposal Liability
This coverage provides protection for the insured when a customer’s stored goods were lost due to a wrongful sale or disposal of their property.
Employee Dishonesty
Part of Crime Coverage, Employee Dishonesty protects a business owner from loss of money or property as a result of employee theft.
Pollution Liability Underwriting for Self-Storage (PLUSS)
PLUSS is a standalone policy for the on-site clean-up, legal liability and pollution scenarios that are typically excluded from a standard policy.
Workers’ Compensation
This insurance, which is mandatory in most jurisdictions, covers employees for medical expenses and loss of wages as a result of an injury while on the job.
Employment Practices Liability
Protects employers from claims alleged as a result of violation of employment laws. Most common claims are sexual harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination, and wage and hour violations. Employment Practices are excluded from standard General Liability forms.
Umbrella policies provide limits over underlying policies in order to increase the amount of coverage available. Umbrella policies usually can “go over” General Liability, Professional Liability, Employers’ Liability and Auto Liability. They usually follow the coverages and forms of the underlying policies and do not kick in until the underlying limits have been exhausted.


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