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What’s in those drums?

Upon taking possession of a unit you find it filled with 55 gallon drums and they’re not empty! Gasoline, oil, toxic or medical waste or just water, it’s anybody’s guess. But what do you do with them – take a chance and open them up? Haul them away yourself? Not likely, nor prudent. If they do contain hazardous materials, the PLUSS program provides coverage for the clean-up costs that would be incurred for that unit as well as property damage to other units that might have occurred from vapors, fumes or liquids migrating from the drums.

Nearby water – you’re exposed!

Suppose a sudden thunderstorm drops 6 inches of water in several hours at your site. The surface water cannot be absorbed fast enough and several inches of water flow through the facility onto adjacent property and into a stream, gully or pond – just as it always does. Soon after nearby residents notice an oily substance in and around the stream bed. The source of the contaminant is traced back to your storage facility. It could be leaking vehicles or a dump station or vehicle wash station that had its drain backed up by the large water volume passing over the facility. Regardless, the waterway is now contaminated and you are responsible. This is a pollution condition as defined by the PLUSS program and the policy can be called upon to respond to your legal liability for cleanup and restoration of the waterway and your own site. Also, natural resource damage that might occur and any resulting bodily injury caused by the contaminated water getting into the public water source can be covered by the PLUSS policy.

Do you have any idea how much fuel is in those boats and RVs?

RVs and boats carry large quantities of diesel fuel, gasoline and hydraulic fluids. You have inherited a significant new risk to consider. A slow fuel leak occurring over the term of a lease can seep into and contaminate the property. The contaminant can also migrate to nearby or adjacent units. The clean-up costs and property damage for your property, your neighbors’ property and the personal property of your tenants can be substantial. The PLUSS program can provide coverage for on-site and off-site property damage and clean-up of pollution conditions such as this.

  • “Universal Insurance prides itself on creating insurance solutions! Self-storage is somewhat of a clandestine business and we know that some tenants use the facilities for illegal and inappropriate reasons. We listened to many storage owners regarding their concerns about what would happen if a “pollution event” occurred. In 2007, I created PLUSS (Pollution Liability Underwriting for Self-Storage) which transfers risk from the storage operator to an insurance company for a reasonable premium, while providing specialized and vital coverages. These coverages are typically excluded from a standard policy. We are very proud of our solution based philosophy and our ability to provide peace of mind.”
  • “Universal’s PLUSS program has helped close the gap on exposures for my clients. While pollution events are not something that occur every day, when they do they are very costly and can create a lot of extra work and expense to a facility and owner. The PLUSS program is the only program out there that covers the broad range of exposure specifically pertinent to the self-storage industry.”

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What is PLUSS?
PLUSS is a Risk Purchasing Group registered in the state of Arizona. A Risk Purchasing Group, such as PLUSS, groups similar businesses together to buy liability coverage collectively. PLUSS has been created to provide its members, self-storage facilities, with an advantageous Pollution Legal Liability Insurance Program not readily available in the marketplace. PLUSS provides an advantage for its members: tailor-made coverages, broader coverage terms and lower rates.
What coverages and limits does PLUSS provide?
PLUSS provides an advantage for its members by providing tailor-made limits and coverages. As a member, you receive a certificate to the master policy with a $1,000,000 limit per loss ($25,000,000 limit for all losses for PLUSS members). There is On-Side Clean-Up and Legal Liability for Pollution Conditions. Also included are sublimits for Business Interruption and Microbial Matter. Members receive 24/7 access to a nationwide response network for a pollution event.
What does it mean that PLUSS is a Claims Made policy?
There are two primary forms of liability insurance – Occurrence and Claims Made policies. An occurrence policy obligates the insurance company to pay for validated claims arising out of occurrences during the policy period regardless of when the claim is reported (as long as it is reported in a reasonable amount of time). A claims-made policy protects an insured against claims or incidents that occur and are reported while the policy is in force. This is the policy form available for PLUSS members and is commonly used in the insurance marketplace for pollution coverage.
Why is PLUSS written with a “non-admitted” carrier?
Pollution and environmental insurance coverages are typically thought of as “specialty lines” and a segment of the insurance industry where it is more difficult to find a standard insurance carrier to write a policy. Pollution is typically excluded unless one obtains a stand-alone policy such as PLUSS. Due to the clandestine nature of the industry, pollution liability policies are typically with non-admitted carriers. A non-admitted carrier has fewer regulatory restrictions than an admitted carrier. PLUSS is written with a non-admitted carrier that as an A.M. Best rating of A+15 (superior, $2 billion or more in assets). This rating shows that the finance strength of the insurance company.


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